Q & A

Q: How can I become a member of The Complete Theatre Company?

A: Membership is by audition only.

Q: What does the audition consist of?  Should I be stressed?

A: We have sides provided or you can perform a one to two minute monologue of any genre.  Have fun; as this is another opportunity to perform and network. 

Q: How much are membership dues?

A: $295 paid every twelve weeks or at a discount of $495 paid every twenty four weeks.  This breaks down to approximately $18 per class.  Dues are non-refundable upon payment.

Q: Why is it so inexpensive?

A. Our dues are affordable so actors and writers can make a long-term commitment.  

Q: Do I have to attend all three company classes?

A: No.  Most members attend one or two classes a week, depending upon their schedule.

Q: Where are you located?

A: Classes are in Midtown and we perform all over the city.

Q: How long do I have to be a member of the copmany before I can perform in shows?

A: There is no waiting period.  

Q: How many shows will I be cast in?

A: It depends on your availability, if you are right for the role, and how many shows we have running that season.

Q: What kind of productions do you put on?

A: Both original and published material.   

Q: Why do you have three company classes?

A: This way we stay connected to one another as a community.

Q: How are Complete classes unique?

A: Our actors either ask questions pertaining to process or give one another positive feedback.  All directorial notes come from the artistic director. 

Q: Can I be in The Complete Theatre Company and another theatre company?  Or must I attend yours exclusively?

A: You can be a member of The Complete Theatre Company and any other company you wish to be a part of.  

Q How many members are in The Complete Theatre Company?

A: It varies season to season.

Q: I really don't consider myself a writer and I just want to act.  Do I have to contribute written material?

A: There is no obligation to write for our company.

Q: Do company members network and socialize outside of the training and production process?

A: Yes, we have annual, fundraisers and celebrate together at company parties.  Members also perform at these events!

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For more information, please, write to Annie Ward at annieward@tctheatrecompany.com or call 347.572.3136.